Imagine sending a text… and a short time later

customers start placing orders!

Open Rate


Our software measures customer action on each text and calculates ROI instantaneously. That information is used to craft offers that bring customers back during slow times, increasing your profitability!

Success Rate


VIP customers love exclusive offers made only to loyal clientele. They appreciate the extra attention, while being reminded to spend money with your business more often.



Our technology is updated weekly, giving you a competitive advantage. The system is simple and easy to use. We make certain that you understand both the software and how to use it to maximize promotions that WORK to reach YOUR customers.

Text Marketing Rocks

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We provide an integrated system that builds and maintains a relationship with your customers. Your business stays relevant and top-of-mind.  To try it out and see some of the things this powerful system can do, click the button at the bottom right.

Segmented Texting

Built-In CRM

Segment Texting

Return on Investment

Our simple Customer Relationship Management feature captures the phone number of each person who opts-in. The system tracks their lifetime spending and which promotions they redeem, so we know where to make adjustments.

Customers opt-in to specific campaigns, placing them on segmented lists. You, or our new AI system, sends weekly texts. Each customer gets their own unique code and the system tracks whether the customer redeems it or not.

Ever wondered what the ROI is for your marketing dollars? Most traditional advertising can’t answer this question, but with our service, clients know who their most valuable customers are and which campaigns are the most profitable.


  • SMS stands for Short Message Service, otherwise known as a text message. Text messages are a brief yet effective way to reach your customers. Most people carry their phones with them, so customers usually see your message within 3 minutes. Include your phone number in the broadcast and they can click it immediately to place an order.
  • There is no contract for this program. We know it will make a difference in your business, so you have the option to cancel at any time.
  • You pay a monthly service fee and the cost of printing your marketing materials.
  • Customers may also enroll via a widget on your website or social media posts. We recommend a VIP kick-off party to jumpstart things a few weeks after your staff are trained and familiar with the program.
  • We want you to be so happy with this program that you recommend us to your friends! We gladly answer questions, offer insights into promotions, and ensure you reach your best customers reliably.
  • We have a system in place to follow up with you regularly and ensure the system is resonating with YOUR customers. We keep in touch to support your business growth!

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